Tax-Efficient Benefits
Using tax credits allows your company to maximize the value of your benefits. As a result, parents get more of the childcare they need and your company provides a more robust support that becomes an attractive part of total compensation.
A dollar-efficient benefit program is complex to build. It needs to be tax-optimized and provide customizable payments to licensed childcare providers, regardless of where employees are based, and factor in employer contributions to benefit programs.
Tax efficiency is at the core of the Arvorie platform. While a dependent care flexible spending account helps employees partially, existing untapped federal and state tax incentives for your company can boost the impact of your investment in benefits significantly. An incremental amount a month for childcare makes a significant difference to your employees.

$57 billion in lost earnings, productivity and revenue annually in the U.S. due to lack of childcare affordability

Depending on the location, your company can recover up to 70 cents for every $1 invested in a childcare program

Less than 40% of employees use a dependent care flexible spending account

We help your company build benefit programs that maximize incentives in every state.
We help parents afford reliable, high-quality childcare services than they would be able to get otherwise while reducing the benefit program's complexity.
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