Offsite childcare
Every parent has different needs. On-site centers are a reliable option for some employees only. Many employees commuting, working remotely or in branch locations require alternatives closer to home. On-site centers are not an option but that doesn't make support any less necessary.
Employers have used a variety of setups for sponsored childcare centers. On-site centers are a reliable option for some employees who work where the services are provided. However, as business operations become increasingly distributed, many employees require childcare closer to home rather than near the work site. For employees working remotely or in branch locations, offsite childcare is a better option.
An open and distributed platform to discover childcare discounts and providers helps your company retain top-performers. Nearly half of households earning more than $100,000 per year had difficulty finding quality childcare.

62% of working parents
say they have a hard time finding and affording high-quality childcare

$57 billion in lost earnings, productivity and revenue annually in the U.S. due to lack of childcare affordability

9 workdays missed by working parents each year on average because of childcare emergencies

Our tools allow your employees to search for the center-based providers that best fit their budget and needs. These tools offer customized services to help working parents evaluate discounts and providers.
We provide an open, distributed and tax-efficient solution that is better for parents and ideal for employers.
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