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A diverse and inclusive working environment fosters creativity and innovation, leading to higher job satisfaction and performance. Childcare benefits provide working parents, especially women and minorities, more opportunities to stay and grow with your company.
Your company can make a powerful statement about the value of a diverse workforce by offering innovative childcare programs tailored to their specific needs. Addressing one of the most significant barriers for working parents can be a decisive action that helps your company achieve its diversity and inclusion goals.
A more diverse workforce can lead to better decision-making and improved performance at your company. Childcare benefits are a key tool to provide working parents, especially women and minorities, more opportunities to stay and grow within an organization. It’s not only better benefits, it makes for a better society.

9% of working parents had to quit a job, not take a job or greatly change their job because of childcare problems

Black and multiracial families are more likely to experience job disruptions due to a lack of childcare

Mothers are 40% more likely than fathers to report that they felt the negative impact of childcare issues on their careers

Our platform enables your company to sponsor tailor-made, center-based childcare for all parents in a tax-efficient way. That efficiency allows your company to provide more benefits to employees, especially for those who need them the most.
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