67% of parents find remote learning can be a financial burden

Elen de Paula
  • Parents are already overwhelmed with the workload, home life and home school. 
  • Remote learning costs can pose an extra financial burden on families who are already in a fraught situation. 
  • Good news that employers are stepping in to support working families with childcare benefits.

The pandemic has taken a toll on working families

Each day we witness the stress parents are going through due to the pandemic. Trying to cope with their workload, home life and home school has put them in an already fraught situation. Eight months after the pandemic hit the U.S., many parents are still facing those same feelings, combined with fatigue and financial concerns.

Childcare is the backbone of our economy and some companies started acknowledging it

The pandemic has laid bare what we’ve known all along: childcare is a basic workforce infrastructure that allows the economy to function. Corporate America has acknowledged it as many companies start offering or expanding upon childcare benefits to their working parents.

For the past months, we at Arvorie have been partnering with companies that are committed to make childcare affordable for their workforce. Those companies are offering childcare benefits to working parents to ease their return to work. With their support, more parents can enroll their children in facilities such yours.


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