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Elen de Paula

When I asked childcare providers to list their priorities for 2021, I couldn’t expect anything more than answers that echoed commitment and perseverance. The commitment to their business and to the childcare industry gives us the stamina to be on your side on this journey. That attitude resonates greatly with Arvorie’s mission, and together we can rebound this crisis and rebuild a stronger industry. I've curated here some resources to keep providers up to speed.

It's crucial to keep cleaning and sanitizing diligently. Make sure you do it safely and effectively. Acquiring cleaning supplies is still a challenge in some areas. Not for some providers that found a solution to buy them. 

How to explain to children about Covid-19? How to make them understand and comply with the health and safety protocols? I found an easy way for you to communicate with them. You can either listen or read in English, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese). Childcare involves education, and I couldn't leave behind the Guide to Covid-19 and Early Childhood Development from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. Enrollment, fees and collection are critical to keep your business afloat. The Iron Triangle offers you a simple way to do it. Finally, with so much and so little information about the vaccine rollout, I figured you'd like to know where and how to get it.

Health and Safety Protocols

While we're still battling the virus spread, it's never too late to review your practices. 

  • It’s important to clean and sanitize constantly high-touch objects and areas with high-traffic. Follow the instructions to ensure it’s safe and effective. 
  • Finding cleaning supplies have been quite daunting. This document highlights some ways to make it easier for you. 
  • Ventilation and filtering air in indoor spaces can greatly reduce exposure to virus transmission. Opening windows or installing portable air filters can be effective to contain the virus spread. 
  • CDC created a supplemental guide for childcare facilities that remain open. This provides you with an overview to support your day-to-day business operation. 
  • A great resource to explain to children why they have to wash hands frequently, keep 6 ft. apart from each other, and wear masks in English, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese): Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Education practices

Childcare means care + education. I couldn't leave this piece out. More than ever providers need guidance to nurture resilient children. 

  • Use the Covid-19 and Early Learning Development guide from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University to strengthen your practices and procedures during this unprecedented time.  

Financial Practices

Sound financial practices can help providers keep business afloat.  From enrollment to collection, this simple framework can get you there. 

Vaccine Rollout

Some states are considering childcare providers as frontline workers, and thus are eligible to be vaccinated at this point. 


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